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Photography by Carlos Batts

I grew up in Baltimore listening to club music, metal/hardcore and hip hop. But it wasn’t until 1989 when I saw Fugazi for the first time and took pictures using my brand new Pentax K 1000.

Having spent countless hours blasting Minor Threat and Fugazi’s Margin Walker, getting the opportunity to shoot Fugazi was an intimate gift for me. And after that life-changing experience, nothing could stop me from shooting my favorite bands – in my style. It became a passion that ultimately mutated into a career that put me in some intensely unique environments from coast to coast.

The bands that spoke to me were the bands that were always doing something special. These were the instigators and innovators that continuously knocked me on my ass and reminded me what it meant to truly be alive. These bands were breaking down barriers and paving a new road for artists. And I had to document what was happening.

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