The one-shots feature mixed-media, with collage, real-life photo, and computer enhancements applied to to some effect. Actually, the overall effect is kind of weird. This isn’t my favorite subset, but there’s no denying that it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before in a Spider-Man card set.

The bands that spoke to me were the bands that were always doing something special. These were the instigators and innovators that continuously knocked me on my ass and reminded me what it meant to truly be alive. These bands were breaking down barriers and paving a new road for artists. And I had to document what was happening.

An exact replica of April Flores’ beautiful and intoxicating foot, resting in the palm of your hand. Run your fingers over the curve of her soft heel and down across her pretty candied colored toenails. A mirror image and anatomically correct, it’s almost as if you’re giving April one of your famous foot rubs in the privacy of your own home. Each toy comes with a pair of April’s panties and tights from an archived modeling session. Custom made in Hollywood by C. Batts FLY.

When I walked into the Wild Card Boxing Club for the first time in June 2001, I rediscovered my spark. As soon as I entered that door off of Vine Street, I was steeped in the gym’s international, worldly feeling. Boxers from all over the world come to Wild Card to train. Ola Afolabi, an up-and-coming cruiserweight fighter who has a near perfect record, is of Nigerian descent, from the U.K. Kahren Harutyunyan, the North American Boxing Organization Bantamweight Champion, is an immigrant from Armenia.

A never before seen collection of photography over a 12 year period of model April Flores by artist Carlos Batts.

In this exciting debut, watch April Flores pose for painters, photographers and directors. Follow her as she searches out the perfect coastal spot to “unwind” and see April engage award-winning crime fiction author Christa Faust in what has been described as the most exciting and sexually-tense pie fight ever caught on film.

Also featured is April Flores telling some of her most personal stories, live, on stage in Hollywood. From her first job to the very intimate and erotic story of how she got started in the adult industry.

Cover photography for SNUFF, by author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club). Random House UK Publishing. Cassie Wright, porn princess, intends to cap her legendary career by breaking the world record for serial fornication. On camera. With six hundred men. Snuff unfolds from the perspectives of Mr 72, Mr 137 and Mr 600, who await their turn on camera in a very crowded green room…

Shot on the original location of the classic Russ Meyer film Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Director Carlos Batts revisions the original film into a surreal sex odyssey. Three Dance Divas – April (April Flores), Cholita (LA Cholita) and Boom Boom (Bunny de La Cruz) – get lost during their cross country dance tour. In the desolate nowhere lives a deranged and sassy dance cult lead by Pa Fuschia Flores the self proclaimed Diva of the Desert. In a jealous rage Pa Fuschai declares her lost friends her mortal enemies and vows to destroy them in a desert wrestling match.

Cover art of Personal Darkness by Tanith Lee. Description: Emerging from the burned remains of their old home, the ancient, elegant Scarabae ready themselves for a new life of seduction and feasting, until little Ruth ignites a blaze of chaos through the streets of London that threatens them all.

Embark on an erotic journey where the landscapes of libido come to life. Although this road may twist and turn, the real dangerous curves are those of the fierce fashionistas that exist in these environments. The waterfall isn’t the only thing getting Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee wet as they create their own cascades with the big beautiful April Flores. Full-figure fan CJ Wright pleasures plump porn star Kelly Shibari in the shade of a majestic tree. Lady Monster dances a blazing burlesque on the beach, while in the woods, married couple X Rae and Art Nuveau engage in an intimate game of hide and seek. As you wind you way through these orgasmic women getting off in the great outdoors, admire the sensual scenery and hug those Dangerous Curves.

Album art for Danzig’s 777: I Luciferi by Carlos Batts. Description: When Danzig, the band, grew out of the Misfits/Samhain lineage in 1987, Glenn Danzig went into the new project with even grander ambitions and a long-term design. His vision included a seven-album arc, each one meant to, in Glenn’s own words, “stand the test of time.” There is no doubt that Danzig, the man and the band, have done just that.

Young Hollywood is a kaleidoscope of all things cool in popular culture. With its diverse usage of music ranging from Metal, Hip-Hop and Electronic and cameos by Rock ICON DANZIG, groundbreaking artist KIME, COOP, AXIS, and Tony Mech. Young Hollywood brings the adult business into the 21st Century with the real life sexual adventures of celebrity porn stars, hipster models and video vixens living in Hollywood; starring Ashley Blue, Lindsey Meadows, Adrianna Nicole, Kimberly, Kane, Mandy Morbid and Lystra. The film features music by Los Angeles bands, Renfield, Mudluscious, DJ Braden, The Word Pimpstress also featuring music by DIRT & BANK, DAT BOI, hustlePUNCH, B HAV, Ryan Kinetic.

7 inch Record, Mastodon – Slick Leg, off Reptilian Records. Description: 7″ Picture Disc. Recorded in 2000 by Matt Washburn at Ledbelly Sound. All artwork by Carlos Batts.

Artcore documents a diverse range of sexual interest from body image, gender identity and fetish role playing. With such an ever evolving interest in sexuality in the media such as movie stars playing adult stars, celebrities sex tapes, runway fetish shows and reality television. Artcore becomes a digital mix tape blending music, mood and tempo to create a new approach to recording sex.


Drawing, paintings, sketches by Carlos Batts.

In this provocative horror tale by acclaimed photographer Carlos Batts, an old farmer struggles with his crime of passion and the consequences and his iconic fate.

In 1930, Grant Wood won a painting competition with his masterpiece, American Gothic. Although it’s considered to be a visual satire on rural American Life, perhaps the story goes deeper than canvas.

Crazy Sexy Hollywood

Publisher: Edition Reuss Photography: Carlos Batts

Boulevard of Bizarre Dreams

“I’m always amazed to see how young American women in Hollywood can do so many
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A 4-issue Vertigo miniseries explores modern romance, written and drawn by some of the finest talent in comics. In “The Princess and the Frog” (written and illustrated by Brian Bolland), a beautiful princess kisses an ugly frog, with unexpected results; “Diagnosis” (written by Steven T. Seagle and illustrated by Tim Sale) teaches what happens when the little voice in your head starts whispering fatal plans about your wedding day; and in “Genes and a T-Shirt” (written by Robert Rodi, with art by Phil Jimenez), a young man tries to genetically rewrite the rules of attraction, and learns that there’s more to love than libido.

Kiss Attack is a revolutionary sex fantasy, blending an exotic cast that includes April Flores, Sasha Grey, LA Cholita, Claudia Rossi, Penny and Claire Adams. It features comic illustrations, cool graphics, martial arts and groundbreaking soundtrack of metal, electronica and hip hop music.

American Gothic

Publisher: Scapegoat Publishing Artwork: Carlos Batts

Madness and genius collide in American Gothic, photographer-filmmaker-artist Carlos Batts’ answer to Grant Wood’s famous 1930 portrait of the same
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The Worst Of WYWS. Author: Roger Gastman Description: This is a 496-page compilation of The Worst of While You Were Sleeping magazine. With over 900 images of the graffiti crazed, boozed-up partiers, and scantily clad ladies that were WYWS, this magazine content pushed the envelop of morality, sanity, and maturity.

Discover the dolls in residence behind the red door. Adult superstar April Flores is a big, beautiful, porcelain plaything who likes to dress up and get down. Each room she explores inspires an erotic encounter. Queer artist Syd Blakovich fuels her passion for fashion and feet. She experiences ecstasy with prolific performer Ashley Blue and her titillating toys. April and plump porn star Kelly Shibari cast off their beautiful ballet costumes to indulge in each other. The mysterious Matador shows April what an “action” figure can do. And for the Fellini-esque finale, she gives the paparazzi a sensational solo show!


Publisher: Edition Reuss Photography: Carlos Batts

Presently living in Los Angeles Batts’ admixture of cubist geometry, ’70s exploitation themes, bizarre lighting techniques, a variety of textured
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Artwork by Carlos Batts.

Stunningly Beautiful Voluptuous muse April Flores’ real life fantasies and adventures have been documented by acclaimed Photographer/Director Carlos Batts as she jet sets to the most provocative locations in the USA Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York. You’ll get a glimpse into her real life erotic adventures and kinky photo sessions. Equals parts visual and musical the film features underground electronic music by hustlePUNCH, DHUNDEE, Ryan Kinetic and BLACKSTATIC WHITESOUND.

Glamazons is the 3rd act in the documentary series directed by Carlos Batts. The series was initiated by the art film Alter Ego, internationally received followed Voluptuous Life. Glamazons stars April Flores, who according to Bizarre Magazine is “The world’s biggest sex star”.

April Flores invites you to taste all of her in this erotic fantasy cum true. Get seduced by her intoxicating beauty and fearless sexuality. Wrap yourself in a secret world of APT.408 where 3 Fashionistas unleash there exotic energy with submissive rope play and sensuality to shock your world. Inspire titillating desires with the burlesque and beautiful goddesses, Super Muses. The fantasy continues…